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Its a Tea Party ThemeEach quest paints their own tea cupThe Tossi Family and FriendsBirthday Party
Pickle and Olive TrayBirthday PlateThe Birthday DoorSay its Your Birthday....
Samantha's Birthday PartyScallop Dinner Size PlateSafari PlatterCircles Platter
Sesame Street FriendsMore Sesame FriendsDragon Fly Frolicking Daisy Corner Plate
Daisy Corner PlateDaisy Corner PlateCity Scape --- Soooo Easy!Picnic Platter - Raised Ants
Tone on Tone PlatterHand Poured Egg PlateLee Pours a lot of our bisqueFish Bowl
The Other Side of the Fish BowlDotted LeavesLife Like Mermaid Watermelon Look-A-Like Bowl
Small Bowl IdeasGeometric Designs By BobbiAutism Awareness
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